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Join us as we uncover and discover natural methods to better manage endometriosis

Are you looking for a natural alternative to reduce your pain & symptoms?

Aren't you tired of feeling stuck, living in pain and getting no real answers or solutions for your endometriosis? 

The Endo Freedom Seekers Community is about empowering you with tools and resources so that you can feel better using natural methods. Whether you want to experience your first ever pain-free period or you want to get pregnant naturally (even with endo), then join the Endo Freedom Seekers Community to finally feel a sense of hope for your health and your life. 

Your New Roadmap Begins

As a qualified Naturopath and with over 10 years of knowledge and research to share, I would like to guide you through a new roadmap to improve your endometriosis. 

Let me guide you step by step:

Step 1

Understanding Endometriosis Better. 


How can you help yourself, if you have very little understanding or knowledge on what endometriosis is really about? 

To begin, you need information and well researched information. Go beyond hormone treatments and truly understand what endometriosis is all about. Without knowledge, how can we treat something we don't understand?

I created the DIG IN Mini Series to give you those insights in a fun & FREE video based course.

Step 2

Believing what is possible.


We have been told over and over again that there is nothing that can be done for us. We have all experienced that dread of walking out of the doctors office with yet another prescription for pain medication and no real solutions. 

It is hard to open your mind up to the potential of any kind of relief when we have suffered for so long, that it has just become our "new normal". 

I want to share the stories of women who have overcome endometriosis pain and shown significant improvement through my methods, so you can see what is possible for yourself.

Step 3

Join the Endo Freedom Seekers Community


For a nominal monthly membership, you will gain access to the specific information, resources & research that has allowed women to actually live normal lives, while having endometriosis. 

The best part of our paid community is that you are no longer alone, overwhelmed or stuck in a perpetual loop of trying and failing at trying to get your endometriosis under control. 

Some awesome things inside our community:

  • Short & achievable challenges we take together to feel better. We explore everything from shrinking cysts, reducing fibroids, reducing endometriosis pain & symptoms and so much more...
  • Discover really interesting research and insights on herbal medicines and foods that specifically address endometriosis lesions and adhesions. 
  • A community of women who are keen to move forward, rather than stay stuck. Get real support and a truly positive space to connect. 

Join the Endo Freedom Seekers Community to explore what is possible.

Ready to begin?

Your first step is simply to join the community. 

This is completely FREE and allows you to explore Step 1 & 2. 

Who am I?

Hi 👋  My name is Melissa Turner. I founded Endo Empowered back in 2010 and have been considered one of the initial pioneers in discovering the natural treatments which have helped women around the world. 

My work has been featured in leading podcasts, publications and online.

My initial mission was simply to help myself overcome my own struggle with endometriosis. I endured 15 years of pain, 7 surgeries and every treatment I could find. Nothing had helped me, which lead me to explore natural treatment options and starting my blog back in 2010. 

After learning and researching all I could find on endometriosis, I felt like I simply didn't understand some of the key concepts of how the body works. I went back to study Natural Medicine and am now qualified as a Naturopath through South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. 

I can proudly say that I no longer suffer with endometriosis and achieved this goal back in 2013.

My mission for you is to help you avoid the pain and struggle I experienced for so many year and to give you the chance to live a normal life, without endometriosis interfering with everything.

I want to give you the insights I never had and help you avoid years of struggle, wasting of time & money and honestly, just the shitty feelings that come with being sick.